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Ayako SATO General manager's message


Thank you for visiting our website. It is an honor to meet you here.

We offer the best and most reasonable hire car services in Japan. We not only provide hire cars but also advise on tour schedules and accommodation options for your trip to Japan.

Although we are a small group, we are highly talented. Our drivers are the best in Japan and have extensive experience, along with great character. They have worked with politicians, movie productions, cultural exchange programs, historical and traditional tours, and more.

You can depend on our service to make your trip to Japan comfortable and enjoyable.

We look forward to serving you, so please feel free to contact us!


Official & Business & Travel


GRANDLIVE co., ltd.


Powered by Driver Association JAPAN




1-9-4, Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Satellite Chiba

 1-8-23-108, Suwada, Ichikawa,Chiba

Satellite Yokohama

2346-1 Nippa, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama


Telephone: +81 50-3576-4299

GRANDLIVE provided VIP attendant services for the

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Paralympics opening and Closing ceremony


Best price and High quality


That's because we are not good at English. 


Many Japanese are not good at English. Because Japanese has a different grammar from other languages. As a result, many Japanese people do not understand grammar even if they receive education, and I feel embarrassed to use it in public.

Due to this influence, in Japan there is a shortage of talent who can speak English, and can speak English people costs a hi cost.

We think language problem is not important


Originally we are acquiring English words in school education, and now we have a lot of translation tools such as Google. So, simple communication can be done verbally, and in the discussion you can make sure by using the translation tool.

By the way, this homepage is made by Google translation.


Important is professional driving skills and OMOTENASHI


What we think is important is professional (safety, speedy, accurate) is in the cornerstone, Furthermore, it is attentiveness based on knowledge and experience  unique to Japanese people.(OMOTENASHI)


Minimal travel time by the best route selection always predicting traffic, The best advice for door-to-door or request by varied knowledge. There are a lot of wonderful professional drivers in Japan.

We cooperate with such a driver to provide good price and high quality.

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