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VIP Protective Transportation

For customers seeking greater safety, GRANDLIVE provides professional drivers with a range of experiences, including transportation to and from embassies, government ministries and agencies, and hotels, as well as driving in convoys led by police vehicles. Our drivers have extensive driving experience and regularly undergo training to maintain safe and reliable driving skills and knowledge.

To ensure safety during the journey, we use a lead vehicle and a rear support vehicle, and provide speedy and reliable transportation to your destination.


In addition to being vigilant during travel, our drivers keep the vehicle in line at intersections, merging lanes, and other potential danger zones to ensure safe and reliable transportation to your destination.

When boarding and disembarking, we will be vigilant about the surroundings to ensure the safety of VIPs.


Service is available from a set of two units.


  • 2 cars and 2 drivers

  • 1st car: Lead car

  • Your car: Protected vehicle

  • 2nd car: Rearward support


Maximum of 5 cars per convoy per group

The system can operate with five vehicles, five drivers, and a ground operator.

but for greater security, we can meet a wide range of customer requirements, including two-man lead and rear support vehicles.

For quotes and consultation, please visit our quote request page or email us directly.

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