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Tamago-toji: Type of Cooking

Tamago-toji is a simple and delicious Japanese dish that is made by lightly beating eggs and mixing them with soy sauce and sometimes sugar.

The egg mixture is then poured into a hot pan and cooked over medium heat until it is partially set.

At this point, the egg mixture is gently stirred and folded over onto itself, creating soft and silky ribbons of egg.

The cooking process is repeated until the eggs are cooked to the desired consistency, which can range from runny and creamy to firm and fully set.

Tamago-toji is often served as a topping for rice, noodles, or other dishes, and it is a popular breakfast or lunch option in Japan. It is a quick and easy dish to prepare, but the key to making delicious tamago-toji is to cook the eggs slowly and gently to create a soft and delicate texture.

I hope this explanation helps clarify the Japanese cooking method of tamago-toji (eggs and soy sauce) for you.


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